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Office Pest Control – What To Do About Bed Bugs In The Office

Bed bugs are most commonly thought to be problems found in hotels or in the home. But, believe it or not, they also tend to be found at work. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, 45% of pest control professionals were called to treat bed bug infestation in office buildings in 2015.

If your workplace is currently under attack by bed bugs, there are some things you can do to help improve the situation. Here are some office pest control tips that will help you control bed bugs in the office.

Vacuum and Clean the Office Daily

Bed bugs can be hard to find in a cluttered office because they have so many good hiding spots available to them. As a result, keeping a clean and organized office is a must. Your office should be vacuumed and cleaned every single day. This includes all of the offices, hallways, kitchens, lobbies, and bathrooms.

Perform Routine Bed Bug Inspections

If your office had bed bugs, then you need to continue to perform routine inspections if you want to prevent them from coming back. Pay extra attention to the seams of furniture and upholstery, behind picture frames, around electrical sockets, and surge protectors. Keep an eye out for their signature brownish or reddish spots. This is something that every employee should be actively doing while at work.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter provides an endless number of excellent hiding spots for bed bugs in the office. Therefore, keeping your office clutter to a minimum will help cut down their available hiding spots and make it easier for them to be seen.

Inspect Everything That Comes Into Your Office for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can hitch rides on just about anything. So, any time your office receives a shipment or new inventory, be sure you carefully inspect it for signs of bed bugs before actually bringing them into your workspace.

Have a Bed Bug Policy in Place

Most workplace bed bug infestations originate from employees who unknowingly bring them into the workplace from home. Therefore, it is important to have a policy in place for employees who may suspect they have a bed bug infestation at home. Your employees should feel comfortable speaking with you about their infestation and by having an official policy in place, you’ll be better able to help them while protecting your workplace from becoming infested.

What to Do If You Find an Infestation of Bed Bugs in Your Office

If a bed bug infestation is discovered in your office, calling a professional pest control company is the best thing you can do to eliminate the presence of these troublesome pests. At JP McHale, we incorporate highly-trained K9s that can root out your infestation in no time. Our dogs are specially trained to identify bed bug infestations by scent, so they can find even the hardest-to-find bed bugs. This enables us to thoroughly treat your office using the industry’s safest and most effective bed bug remediation methods.