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Not Just “Sweet Meat”: Possible Genetic Link to Mosquito Bites

kid with lots of mosquito bitesIf you’re a mosquito magnet, you understand the metaphorical and literal pain of trying to enjoy a warm afternoon, only to become a veritable buffet for the blood-sucking insects. You may have even noticed, if you’ve been outside in a group, that some people may be getting bit more than others. So what gives? It turns out you may be able to blame something you were literally born with for your mosquito attraction: DNA.

A new study from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has suggested that your genetics might be playing a role in whether you are particularly sought out by mosquitoes. Several sets of twins volunteered for the experiment, which involved mosquitoes being fed through a tube and then given the option to go to the right or the left. At the end of the tube were either identical or fraternal twins. In the case of identical twins, the pests were either interested in the pair or they weren’t. When given the choice with fraternal twins, the mosquitoes were more apt to be interested in one or the other. So how does this connect back to DNA? Identical twins have the same genes, while fraternal twins do not.

Scientists have also discovered that mosquitoes may be attracted to a certain kind of sweat, and even blood type –– type O, to be specific. Pregnant women also tend to suffer from a higher level of mosquito bites, as they generally sweat more than the average person. All of this information means that if there is indeed a link between your personal scent and mosquito attraction, scientists may be able to develop something to neutralize that odor, better protecting you from mosquitoes.

Exterminate Itchy Mosquito Bites with JP McHale Pest Management

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying –– they can be downright deadly, spreading diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and the West Nile virus. The technicians at JP McHale Pest Management understand the danger behind the pests, and we offer extensive services to rid your property of the buzzing, blood-sucking bugs. If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, our pest control teams can use a combination of natural products with commercial-grade ones to clear the pests out of stagnant water and your yard.

Whether you have a residential or commercial mosquito problem, JP McHale is your pest control solution. Contact us today at 800-479-2284 to schedule an appointment to take back your backyard and property from pests.