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Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Vacation! | JP McHale
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Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Vacation!

Bed bugs are a top concern for anyone that is getting ready to hit the road and stay at a hotel or a rented room. Because of the constant flow of people through hotels and B&Bs, it is very easy to spread nasty germs, diseases, and in some cases, bed bugs. Bed bugs can make for an unforgettable trip, so make sure you follow these steps to make sure that your next trip is one you’ll want to remember.

What To Look For:

Bed bugs live off blood as their only source of nutrition. They also need blood to produce eggs and to mature through several stages in their life, hence why they are most commonly found in beds.

The first thing you want to check is the bed linens. When looking on and around the bed, two of the most common signs of bed bugs are small blood stains or bed bug feces which will look like tiny black dots. Since bed bugs are most commonly compared to the size of an apple seed, it is important to do a thorough search through all the creases in the linen and the mattress itself.

If you do not find anything in the bed area, it is also a smart idea to search through other areas in the room that aren’t easily seen.

For example, some other areas where these critters can hide:

  • Nightstands
  • Behind the headboard
  • Closets
  • Any furniture near the bed

Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms and health concerns:

If you follow the steps above and still feel irritated and uncomfortable in the morning, it is possible that you missed bed bugs and it is important to examine yourself for bed bug bites. The bites are usually found in exposed areas on the body, most commonly on your hands, arms, legs, back, and face.

Some people may develop red welts or swelling in the area of the bite, although some may take several days or go completely unnoticed. For those that have irritated bite areas, it is important to not scratch the affected area as it can cause a rash to spread and possibly develop an additional infection.

Contact the Hotel Service ASAP:

If you see bed bugs or have these welts and rashes on your body, you should contact the front desk immediately and let them know about the problem. Ask them for another room, make sure that the new room has been recently cleaned and is a safe distance away from your previous room.

Final Note: Stay Away from Luggage Racks!

When staying at a hotel, it is extremely important to keep your luggage and valuables safe from bed bugs throughout your stay. If bed bugs make a home inside your suitcase, you can bring these critters back to your home and cause serious mayhem. Since many guests use the luggage rack, all it takes is one unlucky fellow to share bed bugs with everyone that uses the rack. Therefore, keeping your luggage in a different location will significantly decrease your chance of an encounter.