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Identifying, Eliminating & Preventing Termites | JP McHale
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Identifying, Eliminating, & Preventing Termites

Termites are most productive in the summertime, this is when they build their colonies and when they consume the most amount of wood. Subterranean termites live below the ground and in colonies, they tend to feed off trees and dead plants. Termites cost U.S property owners over 5 Billion dollars each year, and around 600,000 homes are affected. Homes in the U.S. are affected by termites all the time, with or without people knowing. Here are some tips to keep your home protected from termites.

Identifying Termites

When looking for termites you should look for termite wings, termite droppings or dead termites. Termites will also leave worm-like mud tunnels that are visible on the surface of walls. People tend to mix up the difference between termites and ants. Termites have antennae’s that are straight where ants have antennae’s that are bent.

You should examine wood in your household for small holes or sawdust-like matter. The sawdust-like matter is known as frass, which is a form of termite excrement. You should knock on non-hollow walls and see if they make a hollow or echoey noise, if so, you may have termites. You can also look for paint that has been cracked, common places where they might be found is by doors, window frames, walls, and baseboards.

Eliminating Termites

There are many ways for you to eliminate termites yourself, one is by creating a barrier around your house using a liquid termiticide. This not only kills the termites in the ground but also prevents them from burrowing into it as well. There is also termite bait that you can use which is a poison and spreads through the whole colony of termites and will eliminate them. If none of these are working, then your best option is to call in a professional to take care of it.

Future Preventions

For future preventions of termites, you can get termite inspections annually done at your house. A professional will generally know where the termites will be before they come. Try to eliminate any wood to ground contact in your house, so the termites won’t be attracted to it. You should try to avoid having cellulose-based debris around your house because that is what termites feed off the most.