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Family Suffers Consequences from Improper Bed Bug Treatment in Vermont

shutterstock_109391273Failing to properly get rid of bed bugs can have disastrous results. Case in point, the story of Neil and Patricia Whitney, who ended up contracting a bed bug problem in their home after they brought in a foster child whose clothes and belongings were not treated for bed bugs prior to the foster care arrangement. The company then relied on a pest control company who made the problem escalate from bad to worse, and the Whitney’s ended up with “chemicals dripping off the kitchen counter and pooling on the floor.”

This story struck a chord with us because we strive to properly get rid of bed bugs in homes in NY, NJ and CT. We can’t imagine if one of our customers had to deal with a situation like the Whitneys did.

Proper Bed Bug Prevention & Treatment in NY, NJ & CT

At JP McHale Pest Management, Inc., we are fully committed to delivering the best bed bug treatment services possible to our residential clients. Your safety, health and well-being is very important to us, and we would never use toxic or banned pesticides in our NY, NJ or CT bed bug treatments.

Bed bug extermination is not for every pest control professional, as it requires expert knowledge and skill to effectively rid homes of these stubborn pests. We have experience providing the following solutions to homeowners dealing with a bed bug infestation:

  • Thermal pest solutions
  • Hepa vacuum treatments
  • Low-risk applications
  • Cryonite applications
  • Mattress covers and encasements
  • And more

Please don’t hesitate to contact our NY, NJ or CT pest control company for more information on our safe and effective bed bug treatments. We look forward to providing you with a pest-free home!