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Commercial Fly Control in NYC

Flies can be a detriment to any business that relies on a pest-free environment. But, because flies can enter your business every time someone opens your door, controlling them can be challenging. JP McHale Pest Management has extensive experience in commercial fly control.

We are adept at dealing with the many different types of flies common to the NYC metropolitan area, so we can help you understand any fly-related health or sanitation risks and develop a customized flcontrol program that effectively eliminates these pests from your facility.

How the JP McHale Fly Control Program Protects NYC Area Businesses

Flies are not only annoying; they can inflict painful bites, spread bacteria or other disease-causing organisms, and contaminate foods or food preparation surfaces.

Our New York Area Fly Control program is designed to help eliminate these risks via the following four steps:

  • Inspect your facility and identify the specific fly type(s) and fly breeding sites on the premises.
  • Diagnose the factors that are causing and contributing to the fly problem, including potential fly entry points and sanitation issues.
  • Consult with you to determine the best method for fly control.
  • Treat the existing fly problem and prevent future fly infestations using the right combination of fly control methods for your business and your facility.

An effective fly control program typically includes methods for:

  • Elimination, including ultraviolet insect light traps (ILTs), bioremediation, and drain cleaning
  • Prevention, including proper sanitation and exclusion practices such as screening/sealing potential fly entry points

Your local New York City-based JP McHale Pest Management team is here to design and implement a customized fly control program that meets the specific needs of your facility.