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Your Healthy Home and Energy Efficiency Partners

Looking to improve the quality of the air you breathe? Look no further. At the request of our most valued clients and as a part of our ongoing effort to promote environmental responsibility, JP McHale Pest Management has formed EnviroCare, LLC. This now allows us to specialize in exclusionary, mechanical, physical and biological solutions that are designed to preserve the overall environment of your New York, New Jersey or Connecticut property.

Contact Us for Air Restoration, Mold Removal, Odor Elimination & More

Our staff is composed of highly-trained and experienced individuals, some of whom have more than 25 years of experience in the field of environmental cleanup, microbial growth, asbestos and lead paint abatement.

Envirocare, LLC. is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to keep the air and overall environment in your home or business healthy and clean. We’re happy to offer the following services to our clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut:

Quality of life in your home should be nothing short of blissful. Whether you’re dealing with a flood, boiler room puff back, clogged dryer vent, dirty air ducts, a moldy basement or a desperate need for exterior cleaning, we have the matching air restoration solution. We offer a seamless, responsible approach that results in innovative concepts, environmental preservation, and most of all — happy, healthy clients!

Homeowners and business owners throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut turn to JP McHale Pest Management for mold removal, odor elimination, roof cleaning, and energy savings programs! Contact us to help you keep a healthy and energy-efficient establishment.

JP McHale Pest Management provides services to areas throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut including: Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Bergen, Morris, Pasaic, and Fairfield.