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Retail Store Pest Control Services

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For Retail Stores

Protect Your Customer Experience From Pests

You strive to deliver a flawless shopping experience, and that includes keeping unwanted guests like pests out of your retail space. When it comes to choosing a pest control partner, you deserve the best – just like your customers expect from you. JP McHale Pest Management understands the unique challenges of retail pest control. We offer comprehensive solutions to keep your store pest-free, ensuring a positive customer experience and a healthy business environment.

For over 50 years, we’ve been helping businesses like yours prevent pests like bed bugs, flies, and many more by implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions that best fit your needs. 

Our Retail Pest Solutions make preventing an infestation of common bugs simple, combining science-backed expertise and a custom approach to your unique needs.

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Pest Control Services

Protection Where You Need It

Your customized retail pest control package may also include these services.

Pest Exclusion

Keep pests out of your business. We'll seal potential entry points like cracks and thresholds with comprehensive coverage.

Bed Bug Control

Say no more. Get ahead of bed bugs with a powerful, proactive defense.

Bird Control

Birds belong in nature. Make sure your business is unattractive to birds with our expert approach.

Service Documentation

You can count on real-time insights and documentation at your fingertips. We’ll track all service records and pest pressures to help us deliver targeted, effective treatments before pests become a larger issue.

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Choose a comprehensive program to protect your property

Integrated Pest Management Program

  • Suppress pest population levels below pre-determined thresholds
  • Mechanical, biological, physical, cultural and low impact material means are employed
  • Remedial treatment rendered to provide positive control

Anticimex SMART Rodent Control

  • Environmentally-friendly pest control system monitoring rodent activity in real-time 24/7/365
  • State-of-the-art, multi-purpose technology installed around your facility
  • Ongoing service provided (physical inspections, the emptying/relocating of traps, and sensors)