5 Tips for a Pest Free Labor Day
  1. 5 Tips for a Pest Free Labor Day

SEPTEMBER 01 2022 /

5 Tips for a Pest Free Labor Day

Labor Day marks the “unofficial end of summer'' and a time for backyard BBQs, picnics, and trips to the beach. Family and friends gather to share good times and good food. Unfortunately, pesky insects may also join in the festivities with you!

Beware of stinging insects like Wasps, Hornets, and Yellowjackets. They are most active at the end of summer because they are searching for enough food for the hive to store up for the cold winter months ahead. This increase in activity is the reason you may see more of these stinging insects. It can often seem like you are coming into contact with their dangerous stings more frequently.

Here are our 5 Tips for a Pest-Free Labor Day:

  1. Light scented candles –  This will help prevent mosquito bites and does not harm or kill mosquitoes. It just repels them.
  2. Remove any standing water from your property – Mosquitoes breed in standing water and don’t travel far from their birthplace.  Therefore, getting rid of standing water will help keep your backyard free from mosquitoes (read more about it here).  Standing water is usually found in bird baths, gutters, buckets, barrels, potted plants, and overwatered grass that doesn’t drain effectively.
  3. Discourage flies by using a fan --  A light breeze over the table will prevent flies from landing.  Be sure to also keep all food covered and use trash cans with lids placed far from the tables. Also, set up the tables away from low-lying vegetation, so you will be far from areas where flies commonly congregate.
  4. Use clear containers for sugary drinks and foods -- Yellowjackets and Bees are attracted to sugar, so they tend to gather around fruit, open soda cans, and juice. Clear containers will help you see if an insect has landed in your food or drink. Getting stung on the lip by unknowingly sipping out of a can with a Yellowjacket inside can certainly ruin the fun! 
  5. Inspect the area for ants before setting up -- Keep an eye out for ant mounds or ants trailing. Ants are good at cleaning up after humans, but sometimes they crash the picnic before it has ended.  Once your event has begun, discourage ants from joining in by cleaning up food spills and beverage dribbles quickly.  When you’re done eating,  put dirty plates and utensils into the designated covered trash cans.


Bring in the experts!

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