5 Pest-Proofing Tips You Need to Try this Fall!
  1. 5 Pest-Proofing Tips You Need to Try this Fall!

OCTOBER 13 2022 /

5 Pest-Proofing Tips You Need to Try this Fall!

As the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves start changing colors, we know that fall is finally here! The new season brings more pest and rodent activity inside your home. Stink bugs, spiders, cluster flies, and ladybugs are some of the more common pests you’ll find inside your home this season. Rodent infestations are also common in the fall as mice seek warmth and shelter in your home during the colder months.  

Here are our Top 5 Pest-Proofing Tips to Help you Have a Pest-Free Fall: 

  • Exclusionary Work -- One of the best preventative tactics you can do as a homeowner is exclusionary work. Sealing up any cracks or holes along the foundation and around windows will help prevent access points for rodents and insects to get inside – essentially denying pest entry to your home in the first place.
  • Overwintering Insect Management is the best way to prevent pests from entering your home. The goal is to be protected before the first frost. JP McHale Pest Management offers this important service that effectively interrupts the breeding cycle of overwintering pests, like stink bugs, as well as reduces the level of activity throughout the season. 
  • Eliminate Moisture -- Pests are attracted to moisture, which they need to survive. Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces dry to avoid pests from being attracted to these areas. It’s also important to keep your gutters free of leaves, twigs, and other debris that can stop water from flowing properly. When the water pools in the gutters and causes puddles of water on the ground, this moisture will attract more pests. 
  • Install a Chimney Cap -- A chimney cap will keep rodents and other wildlife from trying to seek shelter inside your home. 
  • Keep Outside Areas Maintained -- If the outside of your home is inviting to pests, it’s likely they will stay and find a way inside. Woodpiles near the house, as well as trees and shrubs nearby, could be creating the perfect environment for insects – it’s just a short leap for them to move from the nearest shrub to your front door! Keeping woodpiles, trees, and shrubs away from the immediate areas around your home can reduce the attraction pests may have to the inside of your home.


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