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Bed Bug Prevention When Traveling

Over the last few years, hotels, motels, and other accommodation providers have been under siege by a tiny critter known as the Cimex Lectularius. Most people know it by its more common name – the bed bug.

One mention of these minuscule insects is enough to send fear down the spine and cause mass travel plan cancellations. But, what if you have to travel? What if your business requires it, or you have a vacation planned and you risk losing your pre-paid reservation? Is there a way to ensure bed bug prevention when traveling?

While avoiding these pests is almost impossible if the hotel you’re staying in is infested with them, there are some things you can do to improve bed bug prevention while traveling. Here’s what to do so you don’t bring unwanted guests back home with you.

#1: Take Your Luggage Straight to the Bathroom

Whatever you do, don’t set your luggage anywhere in the room where fabric is located. Take it directly to the bathroom and set it on the cold, hard tile. This is crucial because bed bugs prefer living on fabric-covered items on and around where people sleep.

#2: Inspect the Bed and Everything Around It

Pull back the bed linens and check for signs of bed bugs. Signs include small black dots or tiny blood stains that look like mold or ground black pepper. The bugs themselves are about the size and shape of apple seeds and they can usually be found in the corners of the bedding or in the mattress creases and seams. Next, extend your search to the rest of the room. Look behind the headboard, behind picture frames, under the telephone, under books and magazines, under the alarm clock, as well as the seams of any furniture or luggage rests located in the room. Studies have shown that bed bugs are most commonly found nearest where people sleep, but they have also been found in the room as far as 15 feet away from the bed.

#3: Notify the Hotel if You Discover Bed Bugs in Your Room

If you find signs of bed bugs in your room, notify the hotel staff immediately and ask for another room (not connected to your previous one and at least two floors away, if possible).

#4: Repeat the Procedure in the New Room

Once you’re moved to a new room, you will have to repeat the entire procedure to ensure your room is bed bug-free.

Additional Bed Bug Travel Safety Tips

  • Wrap your suitcases in plastic zip-up bags or large trash bags
  • Use a hard-shelled suitcase instead of a soft fabric suitcase
  • Pack all of your belongings inside of your suitcase in sealable plastic bags
  • Only open your suitcase and bags when you need to access the items inside

If Your Hotel Has Bed Bugs, RJS Pest Can Help Get Rid of Them – Fast!

If you operate a hotel in New York City and your guests have notified you that you might have a bed bug infestation, then you need to act quickly. Bed bugs can cause a dramatic loss of revenue and for many establishments, rebounding from such a blow to their reputation is often difficult.

Call JP McHale today and let our experienced exterminators will come to your hotel, perform a thorough investigation, and perform a quick, efficient, and effective extermination so you can get back to providing your guests with exceptional service and bug-free accommodations.