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Prevent Wasps from Nesting In Your Trees, Plants & Homes

wasps creating a nestWasps aren’t just annoying buzzers –– their stings (to which some people are allergic) can be quite painful, as well. What’s more, there are likely many places around your home that are well suited for wasp nests. Wasps create their living space out of a paper-like material that can quickly be expanded upon, especially if a queen is already living in that space.

Wasps aren’t nuisances to the environment; they are quite beneficial to just about everyone except humans. These insects feed on caterpillars, flies and beetle larvae, cutting down on extraneous bug populations around your home.

If you’re worried about the stinging insects interrupting your outdoor activities, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure they don’t arrive uninvited to your pool party. The extermination experts at JP McHale Pest Management recommend taking the following steps around your property:

  • Hose down any shrubs in your immediate vicinity before the big party. This tricks the wasps into thinking it has just stormed, which cuts down on their activity levels.
  • Remove any rotting fruit from nearby trees. Wasps love to feed on sugary fruit, so discard any that’s lying on the ground.
  • Wasps love nesting in sunny areas, so make sure the sunny side of your house in particular has all cracks filled, including in your eaves, chimney and driveway.

Exterminate Wasps with JP McHale Pest Management

Another highly effective way to free your home from wasps and wasp nests is to schedule routine inspections. The highly trained technicians at JP Mchale Pest Management offer extensive pest control services, including inspections and pest management for those who have already been invaded.

If you live in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, we can help you remedy your stinging insect problem. Call our wasp extermination team today at 800-479-2284 or visit our contact page to chat with a wasp removal professional now.