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Information on Earwigs & How They Might Affect Your NY, NJ or CT Property


1/4″ to 1″ long and pale-brown with six light colored legs. They have two wings and two antennae. What makes this pest unique is the two rear forceps.


Earwigs are nocturnal, only being active at night. This is a moisture-driven pest and most commonly found in bathrooms, crawlspaces and around your home’s foundation in moist areas.

How do they affect me?

Earwigs are a nuisance. If you handle an earwig, it is possible that their two rear forceps will pinch you. This is not painful, because their forceps are only used for defense from other pests.

What should I do?

Eliminate the moisture problem. Ensure mulch and woodchips are not in direct contact with your foundation. Encapsulate your crawlspace to reduce moisture levels. Earwigs are covered under our Home Pest Prevention program. We mention Earwigs from time to time on our pest control blog.