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Who Is Responsible For Pest Control, The Landlord or Tenant? | JP McHale
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Landlord Or Tenant – Who Is Responsible For Pest Control?

If you’re in a rental situation and you recently discovered that you have a pest or insect infestation, you are no doubt wondering who is responsible for pest control. Is it the tenant, the landlord, or the property management company?

While this may seem like a tough question, the answer is usually found within your rental agreement. Pest control is usually performed by the landlord or property manager right before a new tenant moves in. If the landlord or property management company have included pest control services under their list of responsibilities in the rental agreement, then the cost of these services are most likely included in the cost of the rental.

In other cases, a landlord or property manager may pay for the initial pest control treatment with future treatments being made the responsibility of the tenant. And, then there are cases in which the tenant is required to handle their own pest management treatments. Ultimately, the wordage used in the rental agreement dictates who is responsible for the pest control in a rental situation.

What are the Pest Control Requirements for Landlords in New York City?

In New York, landlords are required by law to provide a pest-free environment for tenants. The New York State Department of Health recommends landlords use Integrated Pest Management techniques for effective and long-term prevention or elimination of pests because this technique does not solely rely on pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management incorporates a variety of measures, such as preventing entry, and inspecting, monitoring, and treating pests on an as-needed basis. This type of pest control helps landlords manage pests by using the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.