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How to Get Rid of and Prevent Cockroaches | JP McHale
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How to Get Rid of and Prevent Cockroaches

Few pests cause feelings of spine-chilling terror more than the dreaded cockroach. These critters are highly destructive, they carry a wide variety of diseases, and probably worst of all, they’re very hard to kill. If you’re suffering from a cockroach infestation, you probably have already heard all of the horror stories about how impossible it is to get rid of them. But, the truth is, you can get rid of them if you know how and you’re dedicated to the cause. There are five different types of cockroaches: American roaches, German roaches, Oriental roaches, Brown Banded roaches, and Smoky Brown roaches. The two most common roaches in New York City are American roaches and German roaches.

American Roaches vs. German Roaches

  • Appearance: American roaches are the largest species of roach. They have a reddish-brown color. German roaches are much smaller than American roaches and are a light brown/tan color.
  • Ability to fly: American roaches are moderate flyers, while German roaches have wings, but don’t usually fly.
  • Habitat: American cockroaches usually live outside and enjoy moist, humid climates. They can be found near drains, sewers, and trash receptacles. German roaches hide indoors in cracks and crevices, staying close to food pantries.
  • Reproduction rate: American cockroaches can produce up to 800 offspring in one year, while German cockroaches and their offspring can produce 30,000 cockroaches per year. This can cause a major infestation.

Signs You Have American Roaches and How to Prevent Them

  • American roach droppings are so large that some people mistake them for the droppings of a mouse, however, American roach droppings are more rounded and have ridged sides.
  • American roaches can be found in boiler rooms, injector pits, drains, and sewers. Constant construction and broken drain pipes attract American roaches.

To prevent American roaches:

  • Seal all cracks and crevices such as pipe entries and cracked tiles.
  • Maintain drains and make sure they are clear of debris and that they have water in the trap at all times.
  • Periodically walk through areas where there is heat and moisture, such as boiler rooms, to make sure there are no problems.

Signs You Have German Roaches and How to Prevent Them

  • German roaches secrete different oils that can cause a distinct odor. If there is an oily, musty smell in the air, chances are you have a German roach problem.
  • German roach droppings look like ground black pepper and are found in kitchens, in drawers and on countertops.
  • German roaches can be found in kitchens and bathrooms because these areas provide moisture. German cockroaches even eat soap and toothpaste.

To prevent German roaches:

  • Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean and dry.
  • Don’t leave trash out.
  • Keep food sealed.

How to Get Rid of American and German Roaches

If your business is infested with American or German roaches, you can:

  • Gel Bait: Using bait will make sure that the roaches will bring it back to their hiding places and infect other roaches. The roaches that die from the bait are then eaten by their fellow roaches, thus killing even more. Ideally, the traps should be placed in an area where they usually inhabit.
  • Granular Bait: Similar to gel bait, granular bait will ensure that the cockroach ingests the pesticide and brings it back to infest other roaches. Granular bait is usually placed in basements. One good thing about them is a handful of these can be used to easily cover a large area. If you choose to use granular baits make sure you don’t expose it to water, or moisture.

We do not recommend using insecticide spray or aerosol to get rid of roaches. Sprays kill roaches on contact, but will not bring anything back to where the rest of them are hiding. This can also deter roaches from traps that are set.