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How to Beat Garden Pests with Other Insects

Are you tired of pests eating away at the home garden that you have worked so hard to maintain and grow? According to this Lifehacker infographic, there are certain beneficial pests you can introduce into your garden that will feed on the invasive pests and allow your plants to flourish.

First, let’s go over which insects are destructive to your garden. The following insects take up residence in your garden by eating your plants, laying eggs to further their destructive population, and create an environment that makes it difficult for your fruits, vegetables or other plants to survive:

● Japanese beetles
● Squash beetles
● Aphids
● Cabbage worms
● Grasshoppers

Beneficial Pests You Can Introduce to Your Garden to Help It Flourish

Now that we’ve filled you in on the pests that are destructive, here are the insects you can introduce to your garden to help it grow all year long. These pests not only hunt and feed on the insects that destroy your garden, but they take up residence there to protect your plants on a consistent basis. The list of helpful pests includes:

● Lady beetles
● Praying mantises
● Ground beetles
● Spiders
● Lacewings
● Hover flies
● Dragonflies
● Predatory mites
● Parasitic wasps
● Rove beetles

Whether you decide to order these beneficial insects online or attract them naturally to your garden by planting insectary plants (including cornflower, fennel, borage, anise and alyssum), they will help your garden grow to its full potential.

If you want to learn more about fighting destructive insects with other beneficial ones, reach out to JP McHale Pest Management, Inc. today at (800) 479-2284.