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Food Prep & Distribution

Whether you’re dealing with pests that are in search of a meal or ones that simply ended up in your facility by accident, you need them gone immediately. Health and safety standards are not to be taken lightly in the food preparation and distribution industry, and neither are invaders. If you notice unwelcome guests, JP McHale Pest Management is your pest management solution in the Tri-State Area – we can help you meet crucial health inspection, audit requirements and keep your consumers safe from unwanted pests.

The Risks of an Infestation in Your Food Facility

Certain pests carry disease, cause damage to products, can harm consumers and have the potential to spoil your company’s reputation. Pest can become an issue at various points during your food preparation process. Whether they chose to invade during processing exposed food, or find their ways into stored products like grains and other dried foods, they are always unwelcome. Regardless if you are operating in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, you have strict safety standards to meet on a local, state, and national level. A pest problem can quickly become a profitability problem, putting both your facility and brand’s image in danger.

Serving You So You Can Serve Others, Pest-Free

JP McHale Pest Management takes whatever steps necessary to eradicate pest-related threats to your food business. Our specially trained, expert technicians tailor science-based strategies to your facility’s specific needs through comprehensive inspection, research, and analysis. In an effort to deliver you the best possible results, we provide electronic reports and data-based programs that keep you up to speed on the pest activity we identify, materials we use, and issues needing attention.

What’s Pestering Your Food Prep or Distribution Facility?

There are a number of invaders that could arise in your food prep or distribution facility. Based on the foods you handle and the pests you deal with, we develop a customized integrated pest management strategy to address your unique problems. Take advantage of our common commercial pest programs:

  • Cockroach Management: Roaches are a nightmare to have anywhere, but especially around food. To prevent the spread of harmful diseases and unpleasant odors, our services are dedicated to clearing and sealing them out of your facility.
  • Flying Insect Program: If you’re dealing with fruit flies, drain flies, bottle flies, or other flying pests, we employ bio-solutions, scheduled treatments, and insect light traps in addition to your existing sanitation practices.
  • Bio Remediation: On top of your regular cleaning procedures, our cleansing bio remediation solutions offer services like drain treatments and foaming

When Pests Are a Food Safety Threat, Contact JP McHale Pest Management.

At JP McHale Pest Management, we don’t treat pest eradication with temporary solutions. Instead, we look forward with remedies that prevent intruders from returning. You shouldn’t have to worry about destructive or disease-spreading creatures when you should be focused on providing quality products to stores and restaurants. Developed by our team of Cornell scientists, our science-based pest control methods will provide the thorough treatment you and your Tri-State Area business needs.

Experience the JP McHale Pest Management difference for your food prep and distribution facility – contact us today!

Service Areas

Customized care for better customer care. The below programs are specifically designed for our commercial clients with these great benefits

  • Centralized billing for multiple locations
  • Discrete service times for brand protection
  • Flexible programs to meet your expectations and budget
  • Detailed electronic service reporting and online access
  • Bar coded equipment to insure accountability and quality

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Intensive Targeted Pest Treatment

  • Customized for your special and unique situation
  • Designed to crash existing pest populations beneath social and economic thresholds
  • Precise, by design, for immediate impact
  • Sets the stage for maintaining a pest free environment

Flying Insect Management Programs

  • An integrated enhancement to your existing sanitation program
  • Strategically installed Insect Light Traps and/or Air Curtains intercept early signs of activity
  • Bio-solution products eat up fermenting organic debris that serve as harborage sites
  • Detailed examinations uncover breeding sites for targeted harborage elimination

Community Management Programs

  • Customized to meet expectations of a multi-family dwelling or community
  • Communication and dissemination of information is a key component
  • Preventative treatments focus on common areas with exterior treatment options available
  • Programs can be bundled for individual unit owners and tenants