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Warning About a New Tick Virus Found in Connecticut

Doctors Issues a Warning About a New Tick Virus Found in Connecticut

Last updated April 12, 2017 on the internet

Connecticut is one of the top 10 states in the country for flea activity. Ticks found in this state are said to carry not only lyme disease but a number of other diseases as well.
Doctors have stated that ticks now carry the Powassan Virus which is a illness that has serious side effects and currently there is not cure.

According to Dr. Daniel Camerson from the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society all doctors can do for this illness is try to make the patient comfortable and hope they are able to survive it. If a person is bitten by a tick the virus is in their bodies within a matter of minutes.

The symptoms of this disease resemble those of lyme disease only they are much more severe and painful. A person can experience seizures, a high fever, and a stiff neck. These conditions will suddenly affect a person.
According to researchers with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station the virus has been found in the areas of Bridgeport and Branford.

Jennifer Cirigliano, 15, who suffers from lyme disease stated that she cannot image a disease and symptoms worse than the ones she is experiencing. She has been diagnosed with this condition two years ago and it has been a struggle to recovery.
Doctors are now on the lookout for signs of this new condition. They have suggested ways that a person can protect themselves from ticks. When outside they should wear long pants and long sleeves, avoid heavily wooded areas, check the body for ticks, and use bug spray.

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