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Congratulations! JP McHale is a certified Westchester Green Business!

Climate change is a threat today like no other. For any company, the challenge is to go green. The challenge is to use the latest methods to help give the best results to customers without increasing the carbon footprint.

For a pest control company, we do everything from bed bugs elimination to termite elimination. The methods that we use often need different types of equipment – and we try to be environmentally friendly and go the green way whenever possible.

For instance, our termite cleaning methods employ environmentally friendly termite monitors and eliminate any possibility of water contamination or pesticide runoff. Our organic lawn health care program uses sustainable materials while our pest and rodent control programs too use the latest environmentally friendly practices.

The Westchester Green Business Certification

One of the major certifications that every business looks forward to is Westchester Green Business Certification. It’s one of the major certifications given to businesses who have successfully integrated sustainable business practices into core company operations – like we have.

We are delighted to announce that JP McHale is now a certified Westchester Green Business.

For us, the certification couldn’t have come at a better time.We have a business that has been performing really well, and we have been appreciated for the hard work that we put in.

Our work will soon be shared on the Westchester Green Business website for all to see.

Apart from the celebrations and high accolades that this certification brings, we are humbled that our dedication and approach to creating a company that works on the green principles has been so successful. The certification is just one of the things that helps define us and who we are.

It’s been a perfect start to the new year, and we believe there is a lot more yet to come. We aim to help our customers get the best solutions possible, all by going the green way. And we thank all those who have been with us in our journey – this is just another significant milestone for us.