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Best Fly Control Products For Businesses

Flies are a nuisance, they can potentially jeopardize your business and pose serious health risks to humans and animals alike.

Ensuring that your business is clean is the first and most important step in fly control. In this blog post we will review the best sanitation methods and products that can help prevent infestations and will keep the flies away from your business.

1. Floor Fans/Air Movers

Standing water in your property provides flies with areas to breed and harbor, so you can greatly reduce these breeding points through the use of one or several of these devices.

2. Probiotic Cleaning Solutions

In addition to standing water, build up of food, grease and other organic material can result in fly activity. This is why the second type of product we recommend is a Probiotic Cleaning Solution. Rather then bleach, which merely washes over such build up, probiotic cleaners use special enzymes to neutralize odor and actually break it down.

3. Commercial Insect Light Traps

For 24/7 control of flies, the final type of product we recommend is a Commercial Insect Light Trap. There are two types of these traps. One that utilizes glue boards and can be used in commercial kitchens, and another, that electrocutes flies on contact. We recommend using a combination of both types of traps for the most effective fly control program possible.