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24/7 Pest Control

Not every pest infestation is easy to see in the light of day. Pests like cockroaches and vermin usually tend to show themselves mostly at night when all of the lights are off. But, regardless of whether the pests are easy to see or not, the truth is they pose a significant risk to your home or business. This is why JP McHale Pest provides 24-hour pest control in NYC. We’re always on call to handle any infestation problem.

At JP McHale Pest, our emergency exterminators are expertly trained to deal with the wide variety of pests common to the NYC metropolitan area, including rats and mice, cockroaches, birds, flies, bed bugs, and more. And, we have an innovative Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution that will effectively eliminate such pests from your residence or facility.

Why JP McHale Pest’s 24-Hour Exterminator Service Works

If you think you have an infestation problem or you find evidence of pests on your premises, JP McHale Pest’s emergency exterminator will come to your property day or night to examine the problem. We will perform a thorough investigation of your property following our proprietary four-step process, which includes:

  • A full inspection of your facility so we can identify the specific entry and breeding sites on the premises.
  • A complete diagnosis of the factors that are causing and contributing to the infestation problem, including potential entry points and sanitation issues.
  • A consultation with you to determine the best method for applying pest control for your unique problem.
  • Treatment of the existing pest problem is performed using eco-friendly IPM methods followed by a prevention strategy for protecting against future infestations.

Depending on the type of pest infestation problem you have, your customized pest control program will include a variety of methods and techniques for:

  • Complete pest elimination, including ultraviolet insect light traps (ILTs), bioremediation, and drain cleaning
  • Future infestation prevention, including proper sanitation and exclusion practices such as screening/sealing potential pest entry points

If you think your facility has a pest infestation, don’t wait – call JP McHale Pest for 24-hour pest control in NYC. We can help make your business healthier, safer, and free of pests.